Apple Used To Make The Most Awesome Clothes In The 80s

Apple Used To Make The Most Awesome Clothes In The 80s  image

Apple Used To Make The Most Awesome Clothes In The 80s

Remember the good ol' days when Apple first began making wearables? No, they didn't start with the notorious Google Glass. Their first line of wearable designs were tech free and totally 80s rad.

Feast your eyes on some of the most cutting edge fashion from 1986. For some reason, Apple thought it was a good idea to forsake computers and expand into preppy fashion trends.

They offered everything from oversized sweatshirts to belts, sailing outfits, and even Apple wind boards. And do you see those fashionable sun visors? Wow. Those are hot.

The best part about this fashion collection is the product descriptions. Apparently this line of clothing was marketed towards tech guys who don't play tennis, run, or sail. They just wanted to look like they do. Take the shorts for example.

"For people who run, or just want to look like they do, our rugged line of shorts are absolutely perfect," the descriptions reads. Hey, at least they were being honest!

In case you were wondering, yes, they did offer glasses too. But as you can imagine, you couldn't make a phone call or watch a movie with the glasses just yet. That would come about 30 years later.

Via The Trad Blog

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