Majestic Photos Of A Ginger Cat Exploring The World

Majestic Photos Of A Ginger Cat Exploring The World image

Majestic Photos Of A Ginger Cat Exploring The World

These adorable photos of a ginger cat immortalize one human's feelings towards her pet. Clearly photographer Kristina Makeeva loves her orange friend very much.

This series of colorful photos follow the experiences of Kotleta the ginger cat and her human as they explore world together. The goofy cat can be found playing with bubbles, trying photography for the first time, and having a tea party with a mouse. Each image looks like a scene from a delightful children's tale.

“All my work is an illustration on my inner world, which consist of tons of fairy tales I’ve read,” Makeeva says of her work. “Simple magic things – these are the subjects that warm my heart, they don’t cost much, they are priceless, and the more of things that make up everyday life, the happier is the person. Camera is a great tool that really teaches us to see the world in a way that one should see it without a camera.”

Via Bored Panda

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