You'll Love Why This Firefighter Shot A Sexy "Dudeoir" Calendar

You'll Love Why This Firefighter Shot A Sexy "Dudeoir" Calendar  image

You'll Love Why This Firefighter Shot A Sexy "Dudeoir" Calendar

Dreamed up by Arizona-based photographer Chad Castigliano and his buddy Tim the firefighter, the sexy "dudeoir" shoot is one of the sassiest things circulating the internet at the moment. The utterly ridiculous photoshoot not only pokes fun at gender norms but it's also helping to raise money for kids in need.

That's right, Tim the firefighter is lumberjack-sexy AND he cares about those in need. That's pretty much the hottest combination ever.

These two guys finished the photoshoot and published it on Facebook only to discover that their audience was more than ready to embrace the hilarious photos. The series immediately went viral which is great advertisement for the Books To The Rescue Yavapai County, the non-profit the guys are supporting. The organization aims “to help first responders limit the emotional impact of adverse childhood experiences” by providing comfort packages with books and toys.

So if you would like to get your hands on one of these sexy calendars, check out their store here. Not only will your daily routine be enhanced by these sassy visuals, but you'll also be helping kids in need at the same time.

Via Dangerous Minds

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