People Are Officially Losing Their Minds Over The Alleged Sighting Of 'The Goatman'

People Are Officially Losing Their Minds Over The Alleged Sighting Of 'The Goatman'

This is 'The Goatman'. The urban legend of The Goatman (which dates as far back as 1957) re-emerged early this week with sighting of the mythical monster in Kentucky, Wisconsin and Texas.

The question everyone is asking however, is it elaborate hoax and well execute stunt aimed at increasing tourism? Or are there otherworldly and unexplainable supernatural forces at work?

If you believe the rumours, the human-goat hybrid is the results of a disturbing scientific experiment conducted by an unhinged scientist known as Stephen Fletcher. He was working at government agricultural facility in Prince George’s County in Maryland when he decided to fuse the DNA of his assists with that of an baby goat.

The result was the terrifying and untameable Goatman. Although details on how the beast escaped from the facility are sketchy at best.

These days locals believe the horned beast dwells under a decaying bridge, lurking in silence awaiting its next victim. The dark force and urban myth has been blamed for killing 14 hikers in the surrounding area, all of whom perished in mysterious circumstances.

Check out the footage that everyone is going totally crazy about. After seeing it do you think the legend and monster is real?

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