An Awesome Custom Prosthetic Changed The Way This Girl Dances

An Awesome Custom Prosthetic Changed The Way This Girl Dances

When Gabi Shull was just 9 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer in her right knee. Doctor's amputated the leg, removed the knee, and then re-attached the rest of her leg backward so that her ankle could function as a knee.

This surgery meant that the young dancer's career would be drastically more difficult. Despite the setback, Gabi has been dancing ever since. Because of her hard work and commitment, she's been able to progress and refine her skills. But no matter how hard she practiced, it was impossible for her to dance "en pointe" due to the fact that prosthetic legs aren't designed to point toe first.

All of this changed recently when Gabi was given a custom prosthetic foot which can be attached to her right leg. The new foot is designed specifically to allow the young dancer to dance on her tip toes! Now she's back at it, perfecting her "en pointe" technique.

A photo posted by Gabi Shull (@gabishull) on


A photo posted by Gabi Shull (@gabishull) on

Via Neatorama

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