Glorious Photos Of Cuban Ballet Dancers Taking To The Streets

Glorious Photos Of Cuban Ballet Dancers Taking To The Streets image

Glorious Photos Of Cuban Ballet Dancers Taking To The Streets

Over the last two years, Omar Robles has dedicated his work to photographing ballet dancers in creative urban settings. He's shot portraits all over the world, but something about the possibilities of shooting the world of Cuban ballet dancers fascinated him.

The island country has one of the best ranking ballet companies in the world, so Robles knew he had to visit!

"Their dancers are just some of the best dancers in the world," writes Robles on his Blog. "Perhaps it is because movement and rhythm runs in their afro-caribbean blood, but most likely it is due to the Russian school of training which is part of their heritage."

After receiving a grant from the Bessie Foundation, Robles was finally able to fulfill his Cuban dream.

"To my surprise, on my visit  I ended up documenting a different kind of dance," he says. "I found myself  tangled between the rhythm of the ballerinas I set myself to shoot and the cadence of the Cubans in the streets balancing their lives in an effort to make it through each and every day.  And  I was swept off my feet by that dance."

"Cubans struggle incessantly to stay afloat. Yet much like the ballet dancers, they strive with a resilience and elegance that I’ve never seen before. This is exactly why Cuban ballet dancers have always been so great and through so many generations. Endurance simply resides in their blood."

Read more about Roble's visit on his blog here.

Via Omar Robles

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