Tech Overload? This Stylish Desk Will Make Your Life Easier

Tech Overload? This Stylish Desk Will Make Your Life Easier image

Tech Overload? This Stylish Desk Will Make Your Life Easier

If you're anything like us, you're home is filled with laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets and kindles. So many screens with so many things to watch, read and share.

But with so much technology it can certainly become little overwhelming with cables and clutter everywhere. That's why we're huge fans of the LapPad V2 Mobile Desk - a super sleek workstation designed to accommodate all your tech essentials.

Ergonomically designed and made of durable cross-woven bamboo it has enough space to hold a 17-inch laptop and two docks to hold a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously. The bamboo itself even absorbs the heat emitted from your devices, so you don't have to sit there melting away on the couch or even outdoors.

Other features include:

  • Canadian poplar looks great & absorbs heat from your laptop
  • Pass-through ports organize your cables
  • Integrated handle & light material makes it easy to carry
  • Strong design is extremely durable
  • High-quality, full-size mouse pad is built in
  • CNC-milled ventilation disperses heat

The LapPad Mobile Desk normally retails for $129, but because we love you guys we're making it available for just $89. That's a huge saving of 31% from the regular retail price.

So why not unclutter your space and bring a sense of calm to your tech world?

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