You'll Want One Of These Awesome Samurai Armor Hoodies

You'll Want One Of These Awesome Samurai Armor Hoodies

Becoming a modern day samurai has never been easier thanks to this creative, durable, and warm Samurai Armor Hoodies from Japan. Created by Tokyo Otaku Mode, the hoodies are a tribute to the ancient military-nobility and officer-caste of medieval and early-modern Japan.

"The inspiration for this hoodie came to us a few years ago, when we saw an article on the web featuring a hoodie based on a western suit of armor. We thought how come there isn’t one based on traditional Japanese armor?"

"We wanted one so badly that we searched all over the internet, but apparently such apparel did not exist in Japan. If it doesn't exist, why not bring it into existence?"

Now 2 years on, the concept is a reality with a brand new Indiegogo campaign designed to help put the hoodies into worldwide production and make them available to early backers and contributors.

They come in 3 different colours, red, white and black and perhaps the coolest feature of them all is that you're able to free create and attach your own “tatemono” crests. That's the frontal decoration that adorns the front of the helmet of traditional Japanese samurai armor.

To find out how you can get your hands on one (you're going to have to be seriously fast) head over to the Indiegogo campaign right now, check out the range and place your order in ASAP!

Via Indiegogo

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