Fascinating Portraits Of Nuns Who Grow Marijuana

Fascinating Portraits Of Nuns Who Grow Marijuana image

Fascinating Portraits Of Nuns Who Grow Marijuana

This fascinating series by photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois tells the story of a group of nuns who spend their days harvesting weed.

The "Sisters of the Valley" grow weed according to the moon cycles to make various healing tonics and remedies which they sell on Etsy. Each salve is made with love and every bottle and jar is given a prayer for healing before it is shipped off.

The sister's produce a wide range of products that are meant to treat everything from back pain to arthritis and even scar tissue. Of course, all products are organic and pesticide free.

"We make CBD oil, which takes away seizures and a million other things," explains Sister Kate. "It's very high in demand from cancer patients right now. And we make a salve that's a multi-purpose salve, but we found out it cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, tooth aches and diaper rash."

Though the sisters are licensed Medical Marijuana growers, they're way of life is under threat as dozens of California municipalities are considering implementing cultivation bans. Of course, the sisters plan on fighting the ban.

"It's frustrating to me because there are all of these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly God's gift," says Sister Darcey, one of the apprentice growers.

It is yet to be seen whether these ladies will be able to continue crafting their healing remedies.

Via The Guardian

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