Is This The Strangest Hotel In The World?

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin by German artist Lars Stroschen image

Is This The Strangest Hotel In The World?

Here's a unique twist on staying in a conventional hotel, forget the Hilton if you want a true experience head over to the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin!

Created and designed via the brilliant mind of German artist Lars Stroschen, the hotel is a combination of 30 unique rooms, each with their own sense of the absurd and surreal. Think of it as a new place to relax but alternative sleep outside of your comfort zone....

What do we mean by that? Well in among the wide range of themed rooms you'll find a coffin suite, a prison cell and even an upside down room where you're encouraged to physically sleep underneath the floorboards.

Here's a sneak peak at just a few of them, to see the rest (or making a booking) head over to their official site - you'll be guaranteed a nights sleep you won't forget in a hurry.

Speaking of exotic and unusual hotels, Why Not Spend A Night In The Wilderness Sleeping In A UFO?

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