An Incredible Look At The Beating Heart Of Street Art

An Incredible Look At The Beating Heart Of Street Art  image

An Incredible Look At The Beating Heart Of Street Art

Visionary street artist Lonac is the talented individual behind this impressive hand-painted heart. He strategically placed his design between the air ducts which flow in and out of the building.

By doing so he created the illusion of the aorta that passes blood through the heart itself. But it wasn't enough to paint a heart and using the surrounding elements to fill out the details. In order for the concept to work, he had to animated the mural as well.

With anatomical precision he recreated the flow of blood within each chamber of heart. It required him to alter the shape and colour of his design little by little. During each different iteration he took a new photo, combining them into one animated GIF at the end.

It was a process that took several days to complete frame by frame. Each empty vein becoming filled with blood as the heart itself morphed and changed. The final result sees his hand-painted heart contracting and expanding in a constant rhythm.

The core and soul of the building itself.

Via Lonac

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