Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Splendor In East Germany

Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Splendor In East Germany image

Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Splendor In East Germany

Christian Richter grew up in the former German Democratic Republic. When the wall came down and Germany was again united under one flag, many people moved to the western side.

Richter visited the western side and though he found it fascinating, he decided to stay in the east. Because so many people had left, many buildings were left empty and began to fall into disrepair. This was the backdrop of Richter's teenage years.

There's a feeling that this is the end of time.

"That's when I started visiting abandoned buildings, sometimes with friends and sometimes on my own," Richter recalls. "Then much later, when a friend gave me a digital camera, I was able to capture the beauty of these old places."

"They are very peaceful places because no-one ever goes there. The way they deteriorate, when nature starts to take over, reminds me that everything is transient. There's a feeling that it is the end of time and you don't find that kind of atmosphere anywhere else."

"Over the past seven or eight years I must have visited about 1,000 buildings in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Poland. I have to go to a lot of places to get one good image or find something that excites me - many of them are just empty and not particularly beautiful."

"It's often hard to get inside - I've had to find tunnels or climb through windows. I've travelled long distances to see a building and then found it's been torn down, or I simply couldn't get in."

"Sometimes I can tell there might be something special inside, but it's more like a game of chance - maybe I'll find something, maybe I won't. At some point I may hit the jackpot but there's a lot of work behind it - it's very hard to find this kind of beauty."

Via BBC News

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