Surreal Photos Of Russia That Look Like A Strange Fairytale

Surreal Photos Of Russia That Look Like A Strange Fairytale image

Surreal Photos Of Russia That Look Like A Strange Fairytale

Frank Herfort captures surreal moments in Russia. His series "Time In Between – Fairy Tale Of Russia" document the bizarre and beautiful contradictions of daily life in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other areas in Russia.

Each image is layered with mystery, melancholy, and the absurd. Herfort's photos seem to document a fairytale land forgotten by time.

The people on these photos seem to be totally absorbed in a deep, paralyzing, enchanted slumber.

What is it about Russia that Herfert found so fascinating?

“In Western Europe everything is so neatly defined, so specific," Herfert explains. "A waiting room is a waiting room, an office is an office."

"In Russia, in contrast, rooms are open to interpretation, many-layered and not so prettified. And I also noticed that there seem to be many more people just sitting around in them. None of them seems at first sight to know what they are doing there. I tried to integrate people like that into my pictures.”

When Herfert finds a setting and person that interest him, he introduces himself and asks if the person is willing to pose for him. Herfert then arranges everything to fit the composition he had in mind. This process of arranging the elements allows Herfert to achieve a more dreamlike image.

Via Behance

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