People Of Color Star In Classic Masterpieces

People Of Color Star In Classic Masterpieces image

People Of Color Star In Classic Masterpieces

Photographer Maxine Helfman in the style of 15th-17th century Flemish portraiture. But in order to recreate the iconic style, everything must be carefully considered.

The Dallas-based photographer's work could almost be mistaken for an original Flemish portrait. She orchestrates the light to play perfectly across the subjects face and dresses them in white collars and dignified black robes. Stylistically, there is only one difference in her portraits – the models are a varying shade of brown.

Helfmen's project, "Historic Correction", goes back in time and shines the spotlight on the black community. This style of dramatic portraiture was historically reserved for the European elite. By shooting her subjects this way, Helfman empowers them while also challenging her audience to ask questions.

"At face value when people look at them, it's a beautiful image," Helfman says. "You're so easily brought into these, and by the time you are, you give it some thought and ask some questions."

"The longer my series have been out, the more even I understand the layers -- and especially when I hear other people's reaction and other people's comments. They just kind of take on a life of their own."

Via Huffington Post

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