This Bizarre & Fascinating Diorama Will Entertain You For Hours

This Bizarre & Fascinating Diorama Will Entertain You For Hours

American artist Mark Ryden is the creative force behind this spectacular diorama which he's named 'Memory Lane'. Insert a penny and the entire scene magically spring into life. First the 1890s hit song 'Daisy Bell' begins to play whilst all manner of quirky characters suddenly become animated, shuffling and moving around the busy street scene.

Look closely and you'll notice the likes of President Lincoln (and his twin?) scooting around on his bicycle whilst following behind him is a bird wearing a hat driving a firetruck. There's model trains, vintage dolls with huge heads and more than a few stuffed animals floating about too. All unquestionably bizarre and yet fascinating to watch, the entire scene took Ryden over 2 years to bring to life from concept to completion.

"It is an eight-by-four-foot enclosure housed in a circus wagon-like structure. It is a bustling city street scene full of a combination of altered found objects (toys and dolls), sculpted, and painted elements. In an overarching way, it combines all of the themes and ideas I have been working with." he explains.

You can find out more about the magic and story behind 'Memory Lane' and immerse yourself with the full range of Ryden's creative work through his official website right here.

How would it look in your house?!

Via Mark Ryden

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