This Startup Hires Refugees To Prepare Favorite Traditional Foods

This Startup Hires Refugees To Prepare Their Favorite Food image

This Startup Hires Refugees To Prepare Favorite Traditional Foods

Food can often be a great way to bring different cultures together. The multi-sensory experience is a pleasant way to share and experience new traditions. But what if food could also help refugees feel more "at home" as they acclimate to a new culture? Eat Off Beat is using food to do just that.

The Brooklyn based catering and delivery service is offering Syrian refugees gainful employment as the begin their new life in the Big Apple. By giving people jobs, this awesome enterprise is actively fighting the tendency to reduce immigrants to faceless numbers.

Ultimately we want to change the narrative around refugees, for New Yorkers and the rest of the world, to see that refugees don’t have to be a burden, they have economic value.

Eat Off Beat was founded by Manal and Kissam Wahi who arrived in New York as academic émigré from Lebanon just two years ago. After going through the settling process, they decided to create the sort of opportunity they would have appreciated as newcomers to the city.

Not only does Eat Off Beat offer the newcomers jobs, but the environment itself serves as a community which provides a sense a inclusion and a chance to brush up on their English.

So if you live in New York City and have a hankering for incredibly authentic hummus, fresh chicken choila or beef kebab with traditional spices, check out Eat Off Beat's website. You can conveniently order their fresh meals online.

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