This Guy Makes Incredible Endless-Loop Selfies

This Guy Makes Incredible Endless-Loop Selfies  image

This Guy Makes Incredible Endless-Loop Selfies

Photographer Mike Mellia decided that if he was going to venture into Instagram, he was going to do it properly. Rather than post snapshots of brunch and latte art, he began making surreal video loop selfies and paired them with humorously dry captions.

He calls the series A selfie a day keeps the doctor away. Not only does it poke a little good natured fun at our selfie obsessed culture, the series also happens to be incredibly well executed. You can definitely see Mellia's advertising and art direction expertise shining through.

That one time I was an ad man.

“In the back of my mind, I always had the preconception that some people were drawn to Instagram for the sole purpose of taking thousands of egomaniacal selfies, so I wanted to have my own “ironic” Instagram profile along these lines,” Mellia says.

“I began overwhelming my Instagram feed with ridiculous over-the-top self- portraits accompanied by captions of extreme megalomania or with the humor of deadpan indifference. I think it was so much fun because we were kind of all “in on the joke” together, and the format of a visual plus a caption is what Instagram is all about.”

“I became obsessed with the idea that something so normal can become abnormal,” he continues. “In this way, the video loops were an extension of my storytelling style, subtle but with an underlying tension.”

“Plus,” he says, “I recently had a small daughter, and now that I have Instagram, I won’t be one of those dads who doesn’t know how to turn on his iPhone.”

That one time I was out of the office.

That one time I had dinner at Ralph Lauren’s house.

That one time I finished the Internet.

That one time practice made perfect.

Via Feature Shoot

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