This Is Probably The Cutest Four-Year-Old Ever

This Is Probably The Cutest Four-Year-Old Ever image

This Is Probably The Cutest Four-Year-Old Ever

After photographer Kotori Kawashima spent time with his friend's four-year-old daughter in a rural Japanese village, he knew she had to be the subject of his next series. Her adorable adventures and expressive face were too cute to resist.

Kawashima followed the lively little girl on her daily adventures. They went to the ice cream parlor, the beach, Paris, and everywhere in between. Watching this little girl discover things for the first time is utterly adorable and a good reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

Kawashima compiled the photos into a book called 'Mirai Chan ' which can be roughly translated as "Little Miss Future". Audiences around the world fell in love with the rosy-cheeked girl and the book quickly became a best-seller in Japan. It even won the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Photos Award in 2011.

If you'd like to see the whole collection of Mirai-Chan photos, you can order the book here on Amazon.

Via Salt and Vinegar

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