So Bad So Good: Reader Confessions Volume 2

So Bad So Good: Reader Confessions Volume 2 image

So Bad So Good: Reader Confessions Volume 2

Another week a flown past and with it a stack of secret desires, moments of regret, introspection and reflection. It's time to come face to face with this week's selection of illuminating SBSG Reader Confessions.

By the way, in case you missed it catch up on last week's selection right here.

Each has been submitted anonymously and we hope that somehow, someway these confessions give some relief and clear the concise of those who harbor them. Some are strange, some are fascinating but all of them are candid and come from the heart.

If you have suggestions or words of advice for these individuals, please leave a comment below - you never know, it just might make all the different to their world.

Don't forget, you can always contact us again, any time you like...whenever you need it most.


1. From: Jane

Confession: My mom thinks I'm working and doing things by myself, when really I'm a "live-in" girlfriend. This guy isn't emotionally attached to people and doesn't want a romantic relationship...just sex.

So I cook, clean, do errands in the nice car he lets me use...when he gets off work we have sex, talk for a minute, and go to sleep...sometimes in separate rooms. I get a weekly allowance of $600.

But if I need money for big things, he pays it for me.

He's paying for my school and getting my teeth fixed (car wreck in my teens). I'm a little lonely, but I'm pretty happy here. If my mom finds out, I'll be disowned.

2. From: Indebted

Confession: I got sick as a teen and was put on huge amounts of narcotic pain killers. Doctors cut me off, but I was already addicted. I started buying pills off the streets as the withdrawals were absolute hell. First, out of anger and spite, I stole some money from my parents safe. Then I started using it to fund my addiction. I ended up stealing all of the cash... $10,000. We had a family crisis and I had to confess to my mom that I had taken all the money.

She knew my dad would snap (again) if he found out. She used all of the inheritance she got when her mom died to put the money back in the safe to cover for me.

I am so grateful for her help. She is incredible. But I regret stealing it every single day. I hate myself for it. She has forgiven me, God has forgiven me, but I can't forgive myself.

3. From: Achilles

Confession: The only thing I thought I was good at, was getting women. I've slept with every female boss I've ever had, with every teacher I wanted, with every female friend I've had since thirteen years of age. Realizing my view on love, sex, self worth and women was trash, I spiraled into a deep depression, eventually culminating in a suicide attempt.

Decided to get help, So I joined SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous), went to therapy and worked really hard. And got better, stopped the unending series of affairs, and gained a healthy, stable mental health. Now, one year without any sexual cheating, I feel like shit.

It's getting better, but finding self worth as more then a womanizer is really hard. I'm. Sort of expecting a relapse that'll destroy my life every day. No one in my family or any of my friends knows this.

4. From: Not Sorry

Confession: Found out my boyfriend of two years was cheating on me with a girl in another state. This girl also happened to be his best friend's ex girlfriend who he assured me was no threat. I was so furious that I poured two gallons of gasoline into his car in hopes it would breakdown next time he went to pay her a visit.

It completely destroyed his vehicle. He still doesn't know it was me.

5. From: Probably Bi

Confession: I had to wait a day for my new apartment to open up, after The last one expired. I was looking for a place to spend the night and this super hilarious gay guy at my job (who was also one of the best looking guys I've seen) offered his place for the night.

He lived with his two brothers and I got there and I was like "where's the couch?" "oh um...we have to share the bed." I thought he was joking again. "What get outta here." "Yeah, brother #2 moved back in today, so space is kind of limited." I knew the guy for two years so trust was could definitely feel the tension building.

At one point he placed his hand on my back and said "Hey." And it was so sweet. I said "No, but I'll give you massage" so I sat on top and gave him a massage. Probably should have kissed him.

6. From: Sun Child

Confession: Sometimes I have very, very odd and scary feelings like someone has taken away my soul and I feel very empty and guilty that I'm not doing anything for it. I'm afraid I'm trying to seek something that I shouldn't.

There are times when my head is attacked with so many bizarre thoughts that it sometimes make me to cry.

7. From: Professor McGonagall

Confession: I had broken up with an ex that I dated for four years. After we broke up we continued to sleep together, as recently broken up couples often do. Before we broke up I became friends with another guy and I knew he liked me. The feeling became mutual after I became single. He pursued me like crazy and we started sleeping together / dating / me going a bit crazy because I had just left my first love.

I sometimes slept with both of them on the same day. The ex didn't know, but the new guy actually knew and went along with it (though he didn't like it).

What can I say, I was horny and heartbroken!

8. From: Colossal Failure

Confession: I'm technically unfaithful. I share nudes and cams. I don't do it because I don't love my spouse. I do it because it's an easy way to make cash quickly.

My spouse hates it but sure doesn't complain about the extra $$. I don't want to quit. I wish my spouse would be clear about what they want me to do - do you want the $$ or do you want me to stop?!

9. From: Lucy

Confession: I'm a mother of two, a medical student, a devoted girlfriend, and a frequent volunteer who donates a large percentage of her prostitution income to local charities.

10. From: Anonymous

Confession: During my first marriage I became a raging alcoholic. The reason behind this was my husband ignored me most of the time and I became severely depressed. We started cheating on each other repeatedly but stayed together, fought more and drank even more. I am surprised I didn't get alcohol poisoning at any point. The most horrible part though is that we have a son together.

During this time in my life he was under 3 years old. I would wake up from a bender, having gotten blackout drunk and not know where my son was or what happened the last few days. Thankfully looking over, he was in his bed asleep.

I have no memory of his baby years up until he was 3 and I blame the alcohol and my stupidity for letting it happen.

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