Adults Compare Themselves To Their Awkward Teenage Years

Adults Compare Themselves To Their Awkward Teenage Years image

Adults Compare Themselves To Their Awkward Teenage Years

We've all experienced that terrible awkward period during our adolescence.

It might have been our fashion sense (or lack thereof), the hair cut our parents forced us to sport or perhaps it was those milk bottle glasses and ugly braces? Whichever it was, part of going up involved some kind of bungling effort to fit in and look normal. For some it's a rite of passage, for others it can truly be a nightmare - weeks of bullying and contempt  from their peers. But a blog titled Awkward Years Project aims to show that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

It's founder had this to say about its humble beginnings.

"The idea all started with a conversation I had with a good friend that I’ve known a couple of years now. She wasn’t convinced that I had any awkward years, but she didn’t know me back then! From grades 3 to 7, I was queen of the nerds."

I want people to be proud of who they’ve become. I want youth, especially those who are currently going through a rough time, to know that they are great people in the making. I want to show them that their lives are only just beginning, to see their potential, and to not let bullies get them down. It’s the differences that set us apart from everyone else and we should celebrate that.

Read about the individual stories, trials and tribulations of those featured below right here.

Via Awkward Years Project

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