Luxury Soap For The Video Game Enthusiast In Your Life

Luxury Soap For The Video Game Enthusiast In Your Life image

Luxury Soap For The Video Game Enthusiast In Your Life

What do video games and artisanal, handmade soap have in common? Nothing, really.

But thanks to the inventiveness of Chrystal Doucette, these two unlikely ingredients has been fused into a single bath product. Discover the world's first handmade, gamer-inspired soap!

Why is this such a big deal, you may ask? Well, as Doucette points out, "The Xbox soap gives gamers a reason to shower!". So for the gamer who just can't put the controller down long enough to wash up, this controller-shaped soap is the perfect, water-safe replacement.

Doucette's inspiration for fusing her love of handmade soap and gaming came from a childhood memory of receiving a chocolate in the shape of a floppy disk. Year later, she began searching the internet in hopes of finding a floppy disk mold to create a homemade version of the chocolate.

"I didn't find any," she says. "But during my research, I found plenty of chocolate molds shaped like electronics. This discovery sparked the idea of making soap. I was already a fan of handmade soap, so the two ideas merged well."

Her first gamer soap design was in the shape of a PlayStation 2 controller. The novelty product received so much attention, Doucette decided to create a whole line of soap and open an Etsy shop!

Via Etsy

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