Haunting Photos Of Lonely, Floating Figures

Haunting Photos Of Lonely, Floating Figures  image

Haunting Photos Of Lonely, Floating Figures

What happens when humans detach themselves from all social expectations? Will they find freedom or only float aimlessly, alone and lost?

Bence Bakonyi's surreal photo series examines feelings of loneliness and isolation. He positions his models within man-made spaces which represent societal structure and expectations, but then twists his subjects into bizarre, floating positions which obviously break societal norms. His subjects seem to find themselves in limbo, separate from all human contact.

"The figures depicted in the photographs are physically detached from every single corner of the given building serving as backgrounds as if freeing themselves from barriers of communal existence" says Bakonyi.

They seem to be floating in a surreal freedom of their own making.

Perhaps the figures are floating happy and free from expectations, or perhaps they have isolated themselves and don't know how to return to their friends and family. Bakonyi has left his photos open to interpretation. Perhaps everyone understands the situation differently depending on their own experiences.

Via Bence Bakonyi

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