Abandoned Church Turned Into An Amazing Skaters Paradise

Abandoned Church Turned Into An Amazing Skaters Paradise

Located in Llanera, Asturia Northern Spain sits the church of Santa Barbara which was designed back in 1912 by Asturian architect Manuel del Busto. Over the years the iconic church has slowly fallen into disrepair, first becoming abandoned and then beginning to fall apart due to age, damp and years of neglect.

Thankfully though a local collective known as the 'Church Brigade' decided to help raise funds to restore and renovate the church itself. Along with money from Red Bull, the church was transformed into a skate park where locals can come, spend time with their friends and perform tricks inside the 103-year old structure. They've even given the church a new name to celebrate its rebirth, calling it the "Kaos Temple"

The finishing touch however was the incredible artwork that now adorns both the walls and ceiling. Created by visual artist Okuda San Miguel, his vibrant and colourful geometric patterns and characters look down approvingly at the scene below. What was once a hollow shell filled with cobwebs and dusts has become a place for community, fun and enjoyment.

An amazing achievement don't you think?

Via Design Boom

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