Now You'll Be Able To Make Perfect Toast Every Morning

Now You'll Be Able To Make Perfect Toast Every Morning  image

Now You'll Be Able To Make Perfect Toast Every Morning

Just like tripping over your shoelaces or spilling a drink on your clothes - burning the toast is another mishap we've all fallen prone to at some point. If by some miracle you've never turned a delicious slice of bread into a blacked cinder either your partner or flatmate will have.

Lest we forget that neighbour who is a little overzealous with heating controls who successfully manages to set the fire alarm off at least once a month with the smoke of burning toast from their apartment.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could just enjoy the morning without 1. Burning the house down 2. Filling the room with that awful burning smell? Well thanks to designer James Stumpf those chaotic morning breakfasts might just be a thing of the past.

He's reimagined the toaster, turning it from a metal box covered in crumbs and fingerprints to a smooth, curved bamboo structure. There's no plastics used, whilst glass and bamboo are both eco-friendly materials unlike those used in your current metal toaster.

But the most ingenious aspect of all? It's transparent - no more peering your head over the top and singeing your eyebrows off.

Quick-cooling coils fused into the glass toast your bread to perfection, whilst the easy-access slots let you place your slices in and out effortlessly - no need to lift or pop them up and no fear of them leaping onto the floor. The front of the toaster has a digital display that instantly tells you when your toast is ready - bye bye guesswork and fiddly dials.

The bad news though? It's currently only a concept at this point, but were it put into mass production, it's safe to say we'd all be buying one right?

Via James Stumpf

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