Get Excited, Space Tourism Is Coming & It's Going To Be Epic

Get Excited, Space Tourism Is Coming & It's Going To Be Epic

Now it's easy to enough to hop on a plane and touch down anywhere in the world, but the tourism industry has set its sights on the next frontier - sending you and I into the cosmos.

But just how far away is such an idea? During your lifetime, will it be possible to take an annual vacation where you take a tour of the solar system? Will you be able to book the honeymoon suite on a romantic getaway on the moon?

However unlikely it seems in the present, there will come a time when such possibilities potentially become not just reality, but the norm. No more watching sci-fi movies or NASA footage to get that overwhelming sense of wonder - imagine looking out of the window and see Earth in its entirety staring back at you.

Our friends at Motherboard have teamed up with to take a closer look at the world of space travel, what it means for you and what the future might hold.

Right now, for the ultra rich (we're talking to the point where money isn't an issue) tech company 'Space Adventures can send you around the far side of the moon, where you will come about 100km from the surface of the moon itself.

The cost?

An eye-watering $150,000,000 or if you want to spend 2 weeks on the International Space Station floating about - you'll have to part with just $50,000,000.

As far as making space a place where everyday people can visit, I'd say that's probably a decade away.

Of the 550 people that have flown into space in the last 50 years - 7 of those are private individuals. It's proof that space adventure is slowly but surely becoming a realm where those who don't work within the field of science or technology can attain the incredible experience of being in space.

Based on the footage above and the future possibilities of space travel, it's a wait well worth saving up and planning for.


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