The Horrifying Tale Of 'Krampus' The Christmas Demon

The Horrifying Tale Of 'Krampus' The Christmas Demon

Now we're all familiar with Santa Claus (even if there are some children out there who are terrified of him) and his magical reindeer. But what about Krampus? The anti-Santa if you will. The yin to Father Christmas's yang as it were?

According to European folklore, rather than giving presents to children, our dear friend Krampus chases after them with whips and chains. And rather than a sack full of present, he has a simple tub which he puts all the naughty children in before merciless dragging them off to Hell.

Sounds like a nice individual does he? And you can forget about bribing him with mince pies and a glass of sherry, Krampus only takes a shot of schnapps as payment.

Here's a collection of various interpretations of the mythical demon himself. If you want to keep him at bay, firstly buy that schnapps, secondly be on your best behavior at all times - lest you want to end up in his tub with a one way ticket to Hell.

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