Snoop Dogg's New Weed Line Is Surprisingly Fresh

Snoop Dogg's New Weed Line Is Surprisingly Fresh image

Snoop Dogg's New Weed Line Is Surprisingly Fresh

Legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Worth 2.5$ billion today, it's estimated that the industry will grow to be worth 11$ billion in just the next 3 years! With that kind rapid growth happening, Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Doggy Dog spotted his opportunity to cash in.

It's no secret that the rap icon loves weed. So it really only made sense for him to branch out from music and start his own designer weed label, Leafs by Snoop. But by starting this line of cannabis products, Snoop recognized the opportunity to do something new. He could change the way people see weed.

Snoop took his concept to the legendary design firm Pentagram and asked Emily Oberman for her branding expertise. So rather than creating a brand that played into the "rasta, crunchy, hempy, outlaw" stereotype, Oberman created an identity that recalled the sunshine and warmth of California.

We wanted it to appeal to a broader spectrum of human.

"[Marijuana] is a field in which Snoop is a true connoisseur," Oberman says, "and with Leafs, he saw an opportunity that was not fake, to create a business that genuinely comes from who he is and what he likes."

Snoops packaging features iconic "California cool" imagery such as palm trees, flying birds, and swimming fish all rendered in friendly pastels and outlined in gold. And not only does the packaging look great, it's also highly functional with built in child-safe caps and all legal packaging requirements met.

Want to know the best part of this awesome new brand? The edibles aren't legally allowed to be called "candies", so Oberman came up with the term "Dogg Treats". How great is that?

Via FastCo Design

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