Now You Can Enjoy Gluten Free Versions Of Famous Art

Now You Can Enjoy Gluten Free Versions Of Famous Art image

Now You Can Enjoy Gluten Free Versions Of Famous Art

As gluten free options are on the rise in trendy circles, someone had the bright idea to go back into classical art and make it gluten free, too. So if you have a gluten intolerance or just hate wheat, the Gluten Free Museum Tumblr is everything you're craving!

You'll find everything from Andy Warhol to Pieter Brueghel to Edouard Manet to Ridley Scott, all de-wheatafied accordingly. Some gluten free versions are hardly different while others just don't make sense with the wheat removed.

Take Pieter Bruegel's Wheat Harvest painting for example. Without the wheat, the painting becomes bare of any harvest or harvesters at work. The gluten free version just looks like one drunk guy passed out in a field all by himself. It's just weird.

We're not condemning the gluten free movement here, but you have to admit, the art world is kind of pointless once it is devoid of it's wheat.

Oh and don't forget to watch this hilarious Guide On How To Become Gluten Intolerant

Via Dangerous Minds

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