These Poignant Photos Will Change The Way You See The Homeless

These Poignant Photos Will Change The Way You See The Homeless image

These Poignant Photos Will Change The Way You See The Homeless

It all started when self-taught photographer Lee Jeffries tried to take a photo of a homeless woman without atually having to interact with her. Using a long zoom lens, he attempted to capture her huddled form from across the street.

When she noticed what Jeffries was doing, she began to complain. And rather than running away, Jeffries crossed the street and began a conversation. He soon realized that photographing people on the street wasn't just about the photo. Instead, he learned to first respect his subjects and listen to their stories. The process of taking portraits should be a complicit and spiritual one.

"I go to an area, Overtown in Miami for example, and immerse myself in the community," Jeffries explains of his process. -"I walk the streets, eat and sleep there for weeks at a time. I become part of that community. It’s because of that I’m able to develop deep connections."_

"I never ask for a photograph without spending time with them. I’m not there to take photographs. I’m getting something far more personal from the interaction if I’m honest."

"My own loneliness is somehow [desensitized] by theirs. It’s hard to explain and probably even harder to comprehend…but it keeps me going out there. Once those connections are made, the moments I capture with the camera become spontaneous."

Jeffries also uses his portraits to draw attention to different ways people can help the homeless. He provides links on his Facebook page to organizations such as the Salvation Army for viewers to donate to. chance to help. Frälsningsarmén (The Salvation Army) is...

Posted by Lee Jeffries on Friday, October 30, 2015

Posted by Lee Jeffries on Sunday, November 1, 2015

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