Compassionate Portraits Of The Homeless That Will Affect You Deeply

Compassionate Portraits Of The Homeless That Will Affect You Deeply image

Compassionate Portraits Of The Homeless That Will Affect You Deeply

Photographer Lee Jeffries who lives in Manchester UK, initially started out his photographic career shooting the beautiful game. Masterfully using his lens to capture the movement, passion, agility & character of the players to give a deeper perspective & compliment the action taking place on the football pitch.

But a chance meeting with a young homeless girl in the dark streets of London changed his focus & passion forever. He was hurriedly taking a photo of a young teen sleeping in her sleeping bag, when he realized she had noticed him - instead of walking away from the scene, he stayed, listened to her story and during their conversation his entire perception of the homeless shifted.


From photographing the best of the sporting world, Jeffries is now entirely focused on documenting the lives of those less fortunate than himself, the disenfranchised immortalized through his breath-taking portrait photography.

The photos you're about to experience were taken throughout Europe & the United States. Of his subjects Jeffries states: "Situations arose, and I made an effort to learn to get to know each of the subjects before asking their permission to do their portrait."

Insightful, sincere, dramatic and exceptionally executed, Lee Jeffries has captured these individuals and their tales, with elegance, grace, dignity & compassion - four traits the world could certainly use a lot more of.

You can experience the entire range of his portrait work (some 135+ images) via his official Flickr profile. Whilst beautifully crafted prints are available right here

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