13 Ridiculous Inventions You Won't Believe Existed

13 Ridiculous Inventions You Won't Believe Existed image

13 Ridiculous Inventions You Won't Believe Existed

Just because someone believes they have a good idea, doesn't necessarily mean the rest of us have to agree. That was certainly the case with this collection of interesting (but completely impractical) inventions from the past.

If you'd like some crotch splinters, why not wear a wooden bathing suit? Or you could strap your children into a torture device with the aim of cleaning their neck? Perhaps you want to share a smoke with your partner using a giant horseshoe pipe? How about taking a bike ride in the local lake? Or protecting your face from the elements by wearing a transparent spike on your face?

Whilst prototypes were made and limited runs produced, these inventions ultimately failed to capture the imagination of the public, ended up locked away in attics or thrown away in frustration. 

Still, points for thinking outside of the box right?

1. This Couple's Smoking Pipe

2. This Baby Hanger

3. This Wooden Dog Restrainer

4. This Amphibious Bicycle

5. This Painful Neck Cleaner

6. These Fashionable Swimming Aids

7. These Bed Time Reading Glasses

8. This Handy Radio Hat

9. This New Type Of Motorcycle

10. These Wooden Bathing Suits

11. This Piano For The Bedridden

12. This Radio Pram

13. These Cone Face Protectors

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