How Do You Feel About This Controversial Religious Art Series?

How Do You Feel About This Controversial Religious Art Series? image

How Do You Feel About This Controversial Religious Art Series?

Religious symbols are so universal used, they've essentially become pop culture icons and fashion statements.

You've seen the rosary necklaces being sold at Urban Outfitters, right? And surely you've seen all the religious imagery added to "street wear" style shirts. Somehow, consumerism has found a way to squeeze quite a bit of money out of misappropriating religious icons.

So what happens when we push this trend just a little further and combine religious symbols with iconic characters from the comic book and entertainment world?

This unusual territory is precisely where this series of bizarrely restored Virgin Mary Statues come into play.

Created by French artist Soasig Chamaillard , these statues are his take on the collision of pop culture and religious culture.

You'll find dozens of differently themed Mary's. Everything from Ninja Turtles to Pokemon to Barbie to Star Wars to Superman– they're all here!

As cute and clever as this series is, many people didn't find it amusing when they debuted at an art show in Nantes, France. Understandably, several Catholic critics called the exhibit "scandalous," "shameful," and "blasphemous."

Chamaillard responded to the criticism by pointing out that, "Faith should be strong enough to remain unshaken by simple objects. I think they need to step back from the object and not forget that it's an artistic work."

And perhaps the fact that there is so much controversy and conversation surrounding the series means it was a success. Art is supposed to make you think, right?

How do you feel about the series? Do you find it offensive? Or clever? Or both?

Via Comics Alliance

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