11 Odd Photos Of Celebs Looking Miserable At Disneyland

11 Odd Photos Of Celebs Looking Miserable At Disneyland image

11 Odd Photos Of Celebs Looking Miserable At Disneyland

Why are these celebs unhappy at Disneyland? Maybe it's the crowds, maybe it's the obnoxious commercialism, or maybe it's the annoying paparazzi trying to shoot every second of your life, even at Disneyland. I'm sure that gets old really fast.

Either way, these celebs seem to be seriously suffering from something and they aren't even at Banksy's Dismaland. But when you combine all these miserable a photo into a series, suddenly the real Disneyland seem worse than Dismaland.

You can't help but wonder what they were thinking about while "enjoying" the magic of Disney. Someone please start a Tumblr for this series already!

Katy Perry "I gaze into the abyss. Where there was once color, now there is only darkness."

North West "My best years are behind me."

Donald Faison "This is not the life I imagined."

Nick Jonas "Why?"

Jennifer Lopez "What for?"

Crystal Hefner "Vroom."

A.J. Mclean "Show you the meaning of being lonely? This. This is it."

Billy Corgan "Get me off this ride. This ride of life."

Beyoncé "It doesn't even matter."

Jennifer Garner "We might be together, but we really walk alone."

Victoria Beckham "My spirits droop."

Via The Cut

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