This Quirky Greenhouse Is Full Of Surprises

This Quirky Greenhouse Is Full Of Surprises image

This Quirky Greenhouse Is Full Of Surprises

If you have an Instagram account, then you already know that greenhouses are "on trend". Posting a photo of a plant or greenhouse full of plants will win you dozens of "likes".

But what happens when you post a picture of an artificial greenhouse full of fake plants? If you happen to visit the Fruitless installation in Temple, Scotland, please post some photos and let me know.

Fruitless is a quirky piece by PUTPUT is a Swiss/Danish artist duo based out of Copenhagen. According to the artists, the piece plays with our perception of objects and whether non-living things can still dream. And if the objects in the greenhouse can dream, what would they be dreaming about?

Everything from costume whigs to garden gloves to combs to plastic recorders are given the chance for a new life in by planting them in their own pots.

After placing everything so carefully to resemble plants, the greenhouse begins to feel alive and growing in a surreal way. You begin to believe the objects really are meant to be plants though they look alien and unlike any plant you would find in a typical garden.

Via Beautiful Decay

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