Magnificent Photos Capture Rarely Seen Cultures Around The World

Magnificent Photos Capture Rarely Seen Cultures Around The World

Jimmy Nelson is a photographer who embarked on a journey unlike any other.

He set out to document as many isolated civilizations as he could, before the pressures of the developed world start to severely impact their culture, traditions and way of life. He was, in a manner of speaking, their 'visual ghostwriter', telling their story through his beautiful photography and thereby ensuring their culture was preserved for future generations to discover and see for themselves.

Over 3 years and thousands of air miles, he documented 30 unique and rarely seen tribes and their cultures for his magnificent photographic series 'Before They Pass Away'.

His incredible journey took him to the 4 corners of the planet including Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, New Zealand, Mongolia, Siberia, Nepal, China, Vanuatu, Argentina, Ecuador, Namibia, India, Chukotka and Indonesia - each with their own perils, risks and unmistakable highlights.

But wherever he went, however remote or alien his surroundings, his motivation was the same.

I didn't start this project anticipating that I could stop the world from changing. I purely wanted to create a visual document that reminds us and generations to come of how beautiful the human world once was.

Today we're just featuring a small selection from his travels, but 500 of the very best images have made it into his glorious special XXL size book 'Before They Pass Away' - it's an essential read and truly a fantastic work of art to own but more than that, it's an insight into a worlds so very detached and yet so very similar to our own, that make it sure a true treasure to own.

You can get a copy here and find out more about Jimmy, his story and indeed the story of the tribes via his official site

Take a look at some of the tribes below a truly remarkable look at the many facets of human existence.

Asaro, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Vanuatu, Vanuatu Islands

Huli, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Himba, Namibia

Tsaatan, Mongolia

Maori, New Zealand

Samburu, Kenya

Kazakh, Mongolia

Ladakhi, India

Banna, Ethiopia

Via Jimmy Nelson

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