Dreamy Photos Of Los Angeles That Will Soothe Your Mind

Dreamy Photos Of Los Angeles That Will Soothe Your Mind image

Dreamy Photos Of Los Angeles That Will Soothe Your Mind

Those expansive overhead shots of the sprawling city of Los Angeles have been played and replayed in countless movies and TV shows in popular culture. But finally LA local and photographer Anthony Samaniego is adding an entirely different feel to the infamous City Of Angels.

I really wanted a photo of L.A. for my apartment, and every one I looked at didn't look quite right. I became obsessed, to shoot the right photo of L.A. I'm still searching.

His photographic series aptly titled 'Dreamscapes' sees him transforming the Hollywood Hills and surrounding areas into a pastel candy-coloured dreamworld - filled with soft pink tones and glowing yellows.

The multiple exposure images were primarily shot during dusk when the natural colours were at their most vibrant. Once back in his home studio he then carefully edits the original photographs from his Mamiya camera.

During this post-production phase he adjusts and blends those warm tones together, creating a whole new aura and dimension to one of the most photography cities in the world.

Make sure you follow him via @anthonysamaniego on Instagram for frequent updates including etheral clips like these.

You can see the entire 'Dreamscapes' series in HD detail through his official Flickr channel - it's guaranteed to sooth your soul and relax your senses.

Via My Modern Met

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