Sexting And Tinder Are The Hot Topic In These Steamy Ads

Sexting And Tinder Are The Hot Topic In These Steamy Ads image

Sexting And Tinder Are The Hot Topic In These Steamy Ads

Calvin Klein has, yet again, released a new series of uber sexy ads.

But in addition to all the traditional ad imagery you'd expect from the clothing label, they've added a little something extra that proves they have their finger on the pulse of youthful culture.

The new #mycalvins campaign features photos of sexy models layered with steamy texts that feel extremely authentic.

These ads were created by the agency Mother New York and shot by Mario Sorrenti. They series came about after the folks from Mother began talking to the "younger generation" about the virtual playing field of sexting, Tinder, online dating, and hookups.

"We saw a behavior happening out there—and not just [with] the younger generation. It's really dating via digital. It's authentic and true to how this consumer communicates," says Melisa Goldie, CK's CMO.

"We're highlighting the truth about dating—the meetup, the hookup and the freedom that you have through the digital dating landscape and how instantaneous it is."

The ad campaign will hit 27 markets starting August 3. Not only will it be featured on billboards, but the series will also find it's way to Tinder - how appropriate.

Via Adweek

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