You Can Make A Fortune In The Weed Breathalyzer Business

You Can Make A Fortune In The Weed Breathalyzer Business image

You Can Make A Fortune In The Weed Breathalyzer Business

Marijuana is being legalized all over the US and Private Tech companies are racing to create a weed breathalyzer. The government will soon need a way to regulate safe use of the drug and the winning breathalyzer solution could be worth quite a chunk of money.

Just think about it.

As soon as weed is legalized on the federal level, law enforcement would need thousands of these gadgets and some lucky inventor is going to make a fortune.

The goal here is to come up with a breathalyzer that can accurately measure Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels to determine if a driver is safe to drive. Eventually, cops would have these for roadside testing.

Currently, the race to create the best breathalyzer appears to be led by a Canadian company out of Vancouver known as Cannabix Technologies.

The Canadian company only offers a limited prototype at the moment. This early in the game, the breathalyzer can only give a simple "yes or no" answer as to whether someone has smoked.

But once the US begins creating unified guidelines to measure how stoned is "too stoned", I think more tech companies will be able to come up with breathalyzers that measure specific THC levels for police use.

Via Qartz

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