Whimsical Animations Made With The Most Unexpected Materials

Whimsical Animations Made With The Most Unexpected Materials

Elliot Schultz has a passion for old school technology and a real flair for combining the most unexpected devices. This calming video was made with embroidery, turntables, and the zoetrope – a vintage piece of technology that creates animations by rapidly displaying images in a sequence.

"My work aims to investigate the use of unconventional media in both the production and presentation of animated work," Schultz explains.

"Early pioneers of the art form experimented with the combination of hand drawn animation and live action performances, demonstrating the natural inclusiveness of animation which invites a wide variety of media to be used in the creation process."

The surprising pairing of fiber art, animation, and turntable technology seems to result in something more whimsical and calming than a typical drawn animation.

Also, using a needle and thread to create animations makes the whole process much more tangible. Suddenly, the experience of watching a cartoon character walk also includes the experience of imaging how the stitches would feel against your fingertips.

Via Juxtapose

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