This Is How You Make Wearables And Stunning Artworks From Junk

This Is How You Make Wearables And Stunning Artworks From Junk

In Nairobi, one man's scrap metal and discarded electrical gear is another man's creative inspiration. Meet Cyrus Kabiru who rummages through piles upon piles of junk to find the perfect object or element to create his flamboyant and steampunk-esque eyewear.

But what was the inspiration behind turning e-waste into these unique artworks? And how does the public react when they see someone wearing them?

"When I was young, I used to admire real glasses but my dad was a bit harsh and he never wanted me to have real glasses. That’s the reason I started making the glasses. When you walk in town and you see someone with my glasses, the glasses get you a lot of attention. If you have any stress, wearing them is like a therapy.” explains Kabiru.

Along with tweaking wire and metal to form his curious and dramatic glasses, Kabiru is also a self-taught painter and illustrator. Whilst his paintings aren't necessarily as complex as his eyewear, they are bursting with colour. When it comes to finding a canvas to paint on, Kabiru uses whatever is available at the time. Old magazines, faded books and scraps of paper are turned into homes for his self-portraits and vibrant inks.

You can see more of his creative works through his official Tumblr profile

Via Prosthetic Knowledge

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