15 Insanely Talented Tattoo Artists You Need To See

15 Insanely Talented Tattoo Artists You Need To See image

15 Insanely Talented Tattoo Artists You Need To See

If you're thinking about getting some brand new ink work done or considering getting a tattoo for the first time - it's always worth doing a bit of research into the type of style you'd like. It's equally important to delete a little deeper into the work artist who will be bringing it to life.

We've sped along the Instagram highway to track down some of the best and technically gifted tattoo artists on the planet. We've selected a range of different styles so hopefully you'd see more than few things you like and are inspired by. The artists themselves come from all over the globe from Adelaide in Australia to Antwerp in Belgium and everywhere in-between.

Don't forget you can always contact the artists directly through their Instagram accounts and make a booking too.

1. Mike Rubendall (New York, USA)

2. Pietro Sedda (Milan, Italy)

3. Emily Rose Murray (Melbourne, Australia)

4. Dan Molloy (Liverpool, UK)

**5. Eve Jean (Brooklyn, USA)**

A photo posted by eva_jean (@eva_jean) on

6. Erik Jacobsen (Seattle, USA)

7. Alice Carrier (Portland, USA)

A photo posted by Alice Carrier (@alicerules) on

8. Victor J Webster (Travels Europe)

9. Peter Aurisch (Berline, Germany)

A photo posted by peteraurisch (@peteraurisch) on

10. Jacek Minkowski (San Francisco, USA)

11. Alex Tabuns (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

A photo posted by Alex Tabuns (@alex_tabuns) on

12. Tamara Lee Dot (London, United Kingdom)

A photo posted by Tamara Lee Dot (@tamaraleedot) on

13. Jaya Suartika (Adelaide, Australia)

A photo posted by Jaya Suartika (@jayaism) on

**14. Mirko Sata (Milan, Italy)**

**15. Nikko Hurtado (California, USA)**

Don't forget to check our these amazing tattoos saturdated in colour or this fine collection of monochrome inkwork. Oh and one final thing, here's 10 attractive tattooed Instagram models for you to drool over - you're welcome!

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