This Is How You Top Every Vacation Photo Ever

This Is How You Top Every Vacation Photo Ever image

This Is How You Top Every Vacation Photo Ever

French artist Christophe Guinet just won the tourist photo "take-your-picture-with-a-famous-building" game. He made an entire batman suit out of tree bark. There's just no competition here.

But he may have cheated. First of all, though these photos seem like tourist photos, Guinet is actually French and he actually lives in Paris. Secondly, he didn't actually wear this bark costume for these shots.

Check out his process photos. He actually set up a small green screen inside the suit so that he could photoshop someone into it! I guess it would be difficult to put on and take off a suit made of bark without breaking the brittle material.

Guinet has been known to make elaborate plant based sculptures before. So it only came naturally to build a foam mold of batman and begin covering it in layer upon layer of moss, lichen, and bark.

Check out his other plant creations here for some more natural creativity.

Via Design Boom

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