How To "Out-Hipster" Your Instafamous Hipster Friends

How To "Out-Hipster" Your Instafamous Hipster Friends image

How To "Out-Hipster" Your Instafamous Hipster Friends

What's more unique than a small-batch, handmade bar of chocolate? Try a small-batch, handsewn replica of a handmade bar of chocolate. Yeah, put that on your Instagram and prepare for all the likes!

Artist Mimi O Chun infuses a bit of humor into the fetishism of specific artisanal and vintage goods in Hipster culture.

Think of the "well organized shots of my cool things on a white background" trend that seems to be taking over the internet and social media. All of the typical brands and styles found in those shots have then been remade and reshot as plush replicas.

"Stuffed Hipster Emblems is an experiment in media and meta-narratives — soft sculpture replicas of iconic goods using the very levers that invoke such fetishism among enthusiasts of artisanal, small-batch goods (single origin, scarcity, tactile materials, handmade processes). In doing so, my hope is that these cotton-filled instantiations will collectively function as a mirror to the times and the cultural economies built around craft."

This is series is uncomfortably accurate. Scrolling through O Chun's work feels a bit like visiting a museum or taxidermy gallery. Is this how our generation will be remembered?

Via Design Taxi

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