Powerful Photos Of Flex Dancers Performing Amazing Contortions

Powerful Photos Of Flex Dancers Performing Amazing Contortions  image

Powerful Photos Of Flex Dancers Performing Amazing Contortions

Born on the streets of Brooklyn, Flex Dancing is a raw and energetic form of dance that seems to break the human body down to it's most basic elements. And Deidre Schoo is here to lead us through their world with her photos and documentary of the culture.

As you can see in these amazing portraits, Flex Dancers push the limits of physical movement by performing moves that seem to break the dancer's very joints and test the limits of reality and gravity. According to Schoo, during a Battlefest, Flex Dancers surprise the audience with punctuation moves like setting props on fire, releasing birds from their mouths, and popping their shoulders out of joint.

Not only was Schoo able to attend these Battlefests and performances, but she soon found herself being brought into the social world that surrounds the dancers. She was able to observe the family and mentorships that support the dance scene. Older dancers will take young kids under their wing and train them in the Flex style. Not only does this give the kids a sense of family and community, but the dances also provide an escape from the difficulties of growing up in a rough neighborhood.

See Schoo's documentary here.

Via Feature Shoot

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