Reddit's Ultimate Challange: Try Not To Laugh During This Video

Reddit's Ultimate Challange: Try Not To Laugh During This Video

A few hours ago, Reddit was a buzz with people sharing and discussing their favourite all time video that clocked in at 10 seconds or less. As you can imagine, there was a whole range of mishaps, epic fails, funny animals and people in causing all kinds of havoc.

But rather than have to individually source and watch them one by one, YouTuber Fraxinus Excelsior had the novel idea of putting them all together in one 7 minute compilation. Saving the whole the internet a stack of time in the process.

Along with editing all the clips into one glorious montage, he always set the following challenge - see how long you can last without laughing. The 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge has set to have a winner, simple because at one point or another you were totally lose your shit and be in tears of laughing.

A word of warning however, it's not a clip for the easily offended....

Oh and for the record, we cracked when the guy hit his head on the chandelier!

Via Reddit

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