Welcome To The Joker's Epic 'Funhouse' Crafted In LEGO

Welcome To The Joker's Epic 'Funhouse' Crafted In LEGO

Make no mistake Paul Hetherington LOVES playing and creating with LEGO more than anyone else on the planet.

In fact he takes his hobby so seriously and is so well respected amongst his peers that his incredible animatronic version of The Joker's Funhouse won 'Best in Show' at the popular LEGO convention BrickCon.

But aside from creating the colourful lair of the one pop culture's most iconic villains, he even went to the length of animating elements of it.

Poison Ivy's venus fly traps chomp away whilst the Penguin takes a trip or two on the rocket ride. But just how on earth do you even begin to create something so complex, colourful and creative? Aside from having hundreds of hours spare the patience of a Saint, there's all manner of techniques and processes involved in creating such a huge piece of work.

Get the foundations wrong or place the wrong element backwards and in the future you're going to be facing a world of pain. Its those pitfalls that Hetherington has side-stepped flawlessly.

To see just how remarkable his work is - make sure you watch the video to see all the animated elements in motion. It's seriously awesome.

Via Paul Hetherington

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