The Bullshit People Write On Their LinkedIn Profiles Read Aloud

The Bullshit People Write On Their LinkedIn Profiles Read Aloud

There are literally thousands of blogs that eagerly supply you with all manner of phrases, marketing jargon and various "best practice" tips in order to make your LinkedIn profile as appealing as possible to potential recruiters and employers.

Whilst there's nothing wrong with adding a little finesse to your career highlights and work experience, there are those who's profiles come across as arrogant, weird and downright embarrassing.

I'd don't call meetings "meetings" they're "doings!".

Comic duo Joseph & Joseph spent 2 years sourcing all manner of real quotations from LinkedIn profiles that made them smile for all the right and wrong reasons. They then enlisted a set of friends and actors to perform sound bites from these genuine LinkedIn profiles. Including such beauties as this:

I aspire to engage, educate and empower all humans towards their passions!

As you can imagine, when you hear them read aloud you realise how utterly stupid, cringeworthy and hilarious they sound.

If your profile was included, how do you think you'd fare?

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