South Korea Just Banned This Controversial Music Video

South Korea Just Banned This Controversial Music Video

All girl group Dal Shabe are essentially South Korea's answer to The Spice Girls, they've been manufactured, produced, choereopgraghy and styled into K-Pop perfection by their record label Happy Face Entertainment.

But the release of their latest video titled 'Joker' has seen many of those smiles turn upside down after the South Korean broadcaster KBS chose to ban the video on account of its overly sexual lyrics and provocative visuals.

Another reason for the ban is due to the lyrics, specifically the girls repeating the word "Joker" which is pronounced as "Joh-kuh". Now what is wrong with saying the same phrase endlessly in a music video? Nothing, unless that word sounds suspiciously like a swear word, which in the case of "Joh-kuh" it actually does.

During the song "Joh-kuh" can often sound like "Jot-kuh" on account of the emphasis the girls are place on the word "Joh". There's nothing wrong with that until you realise that the word "Jot" ("좆") is actually an offensive term used to describe male genitals.

Bup-Bow. A cheeky and flirtatious inflection they hoped nobody would notice? Or a case of censorship gone too far?

The video is certainly less raunchy than Christina Aguilera seemingly fellating a water bottle in her clip 'Fighter' or Nicki Minaj's proudly displaying her bare buttocks in 'Anaconda'.

Perhaps the worst of all isn't the short skirts, grinding hips, cheeky lyrics and suggestive glances but "The Joker" himself. His presence alone should result in the video being banned from public view on account of how utterly cringeworthy his entire outfit is.

Heath Ledger would surely be turning in his grave.

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