This Girl Runs The Most Controversial Instagram Account

This Girl Runs The Most Controversial Instagram Account

Pathologist assistant Nicole Angemi spends her days slicing, dicing and examining different organs of the human body taken from various autopsies. It's a field of work that many would find morbid, but the New Jersey native sees it as her mission to help educate people about the confronting realities of life and death.

That's lead to her running one of the most controversial Instagram accounts on the planet, where she posts daily updates of organs, grizzly body parts and a fair amount of gore. There's no desire to shock or scare anyone, only simply to inform.

In her interview with Motherboard she reveals her motivation for doing so:

I want to teach people and show the world the truth about death and life and diseases. But sometimes its hard for people to handle and they report my photos

With over 150K followers, it seems more than a few individuals are just as curious and intrigued about the human body as she is, but whilst she has a large following online, she also has more than few detractors as well.

She faces daily alerts from Instagram with several of her images being flagged by offended users, leading them to being removed on account of their graphic and potentially disturbing nature.

But that hasn't stopped Instagram's most famous coroner from continuing with her controversial daily updates, in her own words "There is something to learn from every body."

It's hard to argue with that assertion.

Via Motherboard

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