This Is The Truth Behind Flawless Images In Beauty Magazines

This Is The Truth Behind Flawless Images In Beauty Magazines

We all know that the men and women that adorn those giant billboards, magazine covers and beauty campaigns appear to be perfect. They all have seemingly flawless skin, perfect and full lashes, streamlined bodies and not a hair out of place.

But how does it all happen? Hours upon hours in the makeup chair and thousands of repetitions at the gym?

Not a chance. Unsurprisingly the perfect look is created over countless hours by teams of visual artists and talented retouchers.

Retouching is a genuine art form - no matter how deceptive it actually is. Retouchers are tasked with transforming the everyday into fantasy, removing blemishes, plumping lips, shaping eyebrows, tweaking cheekbones and toning the body through a few well placed click of their mouse.

Their job is to enhance the best and edit out the worst, with little regard for how far from reality they often stray.

One such company is Rare Digital Art, a New York firm works with retouching and enhancing images for Vogue to the likes of H&M.

Their founder and lead retoucher Elizabeth Moss opted to create a timelapse of her work, so that you can gain an insight into just how much editing, enhancement and manipulation is involved in creating the perfect image.

The clip is a combination of 6 hours worth of tweaks and adjustments condensed into 90 fascinating seconds.

In the world of entertainment, glamour and fashion - things are never quite as they seem.

Via Rare Digital Art

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